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Calls Still Play a Critical Role in Sales

One-quarter of digital ads offer click-to-call, driving an estimated 108 billion calls to US businesses every year. Web searches on mobile devices will drive another 40 billion calls. Overall, calls will influence $1 Trillion in US consumer spending.

Balancing Agents and Technology

Phone Agents upsell and cross-sell 10x to 15x more and 30% faster than web leads

Teleperformance Offers Higher Conversion Ratios, Fewer Escalations, Higher Revenues Per Call and a Superior Buyer Experience

Teleperformance provides you the flexibility to supplement your existing sales program or serve as a turn-key, stand-alone program. You can mix and match the solutions that best meet your needs:

  • Lead generation (both digital and voice)
  • Lead appending / validation / qualification
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Outbound and/or inbound telesales
  • E-commerce support including chat, bots, and a unique shopping card abandon solution
  • Service to sales
  • Existing customer upsell and cross-sell
  • Customer retention and loyalty management
  • Customer win-back and surveys

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Teleperformance Offers the High-Tech, High-Touch Experience Needed to Elevate Your Enterprise Business or Direct-to-Consumer Acquisition Programs.

We do this through industry-leading technology, strategic solutions, culture, highly trained sales specialists, and sales-centric processes and management methodologies. Some of our clients’ sales programs realized a 30% increase in the number of clients placing orders while the average number of hourly orders placed per representative grew by 80%.

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Teleperformance also offers you the analytics and strategic solutions to ensure your customer acquisition programs meet your goals. This includes buyer journey mapping, alignment of solutions to customer profile types, behavioral targeting, predictive/marketing analytics, dynamic agent scripting, call routing, security, our world-class omnichannel platform, high-profile sales specialists, sales culture, and process and management methodology for sales.
With over 300,000 employees and a 40-year track record, Teleperformance is the world leader in producing highly trained and motivated agents. Our proprietary and award-winning training and workforce management programs set the global standard and result in consistent results. To learn more, click here
Teleperformance offers sales specialists with the certifications your programs need. Please contact us to learn more about HIPPA, PCI Level 1 and other certifications offered by Teleperformance.
Teleperformance’s competitive pricing options include hourly, pay for performance, and hourly plus performance. Certain minimums apply. Contact us to receive a price quote.

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VP of Revenue Generation, Teleservices

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Elsia Casale

VP of Revenue Generation, Teleservices

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